2017-2018 ongoing edition

Welcoming Ceremony

October 2017 Such things only happen at the University of Wroclaw … we created spontaneously a little drums orchestra with volunteers from the audience… It was great energy for the opening new academic year

Our Orchestra performacne Global Studies Graudation Ceremony

Christmas Performance

December 2017. Our drums and more Orchestra team have prepared Christmas Performance – a special gift for all international students and invited guests: parable of the different languages of love. It was wonderful and full of surprises event…

Let There Be Peace On Earth

We represent different cultural backgrounds and religions but our diversity is not a reason to fear each other, but rather, an opportunity to learn from each other. Fear always ends up in anger, fights, conflicts or even war. We truly believe that love always brings the light of hope, and frees us from the darkness of fear. It also opens us up to people, especially those from different backgrounds and gives us the willingness to learn from them. The Christmas lights are not only the colorful lights that we encounter on the streets of the city center, but they are also the lights of hope and love that we can find in our hearts. We hope that we will always find lights in the middle of ours personal darkness. In the darkness of sickness, grief, family troubles or interpersonal conflicts. We hope that we will always meet people who will be willing to help us find ways to maintain hope in times of darkness …

Maria Paz from Ecuador performs polish carol !

Sai Krishna Deep form India on the piano

Gulshan Bayramli the voice form Azerbaijan

our whole drums and more orchestra team

drums and dance 🙂 in Oratorium Marianum

Visiting Radio Wroclaw

a few members of our team visited Radio Wroclaw. Our drums and more orchestra will perform acoustically on the radio in April and play live in Radio Culture’s studio. We will also have a chance to talk about our project on the air.

Welcoming Erasmus Students

In February, our International Drums and More Orchestra prepared an interactive performance during the welcoming ceremony for Erasmus students who had just arrived to our University. We performed in Oratorium Marianum Hall at the University of Wroclaw.

Educational Event

Educational Event

Flamenco Festival Performance

In March, our University of Wroclaw International Drums and More Orchestra performed during the Flamenco Festival in club Mleczarnia located in Wroclaw.

Bach to Africa Concert

Looking at spring metaphorically, we can say that the first day of human evolution happened in Africa. We all have common roots. Culture, music, history of mankind , was born in Africa.  Spring has a double meaning. The first is the season of the year when everything comes to life, the second is the source of the stream. Bringing back the old tradition, Like in ancient Africa when people wanted to celebrate the first day of the spring, they used to make music together.

We started our performance honoring great composer J.S. Bach and finished with the flamenco dance. This dance is much like our orchestra in the sense that it was created at the crossroads of different cultures.

Our 2017/2018 Orchestra team

ongoing edition :

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